Rainy Day Weekend


We had a rainy and cloudy weekend this week. It was a nice change from the sunshine and allowed us to take it slow and easy.

Saturday we made a spontaneous trip to Ikea. Of course we had to have lunch there! I had my favorite, the shrimp with egg on top of a slice of bread (trust me, it’s great!) Sam had a great kids meal of grilled chicken, cheese stick and strawberries. I totally appreciate a place that offers healthier options that are more than chicken fingers and pasta. We bought a little stand to put downstairs for the modem and radio since the tv stand is (finally) going upstairs into the tv room. We also got new dishes, sippy cups and these cute toy people. Oh how we love Ikea! And while we still have a ways to go for the family room and tv room, it already looks and feels so much better. Sam and I have a little reading spot next to the stereo stand now. We have a bean bag there with a bin with some book. It’s quite cozy! So cozy in fact that I fell asleep reading there.

I also sold a bunch of Sam’s old clothes to our local kid consignment store. I used the money to buy Sam a bunch of shorts and a couple of shirts. I got him a toy helicopter too. The look on his face when I gave it to him was priceless. Seriously, when he first saw it he was in shock and had such a shy smile like he couldn’t believe that he got his own helicopter. It was so sweet to see the gratitude.


And this weekend…well, Sam has really stepped up his walking! We can’t believe it, he’s like practically there! He’s been walking back and forth short distances. Most of the time he’s so excited that he’s walking, that he’ll walk to me so I c

an give him a big hug and kiss. He’s totally been standing on his own too with a lot more confidence. And since we’ve really been pushing and encouraging walking and standing, he claps every time he stands on his own. It crazy how fast they change and grow sometimes. These past 3 weeks have been just an explosion of growth in vocabulary and physical skills. Me and Rob are just in awe sometimes.

And while I sure many were bummed about this dreary grey weekend, for me, it was a most lovely weekend!


Summer Bucket List


Summer might be half way over, but I feel we have yet to truly celebrate this awesome time of year. I’ve seen summer bucket lists going around, so I thought I’d make my own.

Our Summer Bucket List:

- Swim at the pool

- Picnic lunch

- Walk and play at the lake in Latta Plantation

- Go on a family trip

- Walk Davidson Campus and farmers market

- Paint with Sam

- Go out for frozen yogurt

- See the animals at Lazy 5 Ranch

- Play at a park

- Have a playdate

- Get Sam to walk (hahahahahaha)

What’s on your list?

Airplanes and baking!


We had such a great weekend, compared the weekend before.

Saturday morning Sam slept in till almost 8am, which is so nice. I feel so lazy when he sleeps in! When he finally did wake up, I made everyone pancakes. I love making breakfasts on weekends. It just starts the day off with such a happy note. Sam took a nap shortly after (I swear he wakes up early just to eat and then go back to sleep) I was feeling antsy, so I did a most awesome yoga session. I am SO loving yoga right now. It makes my soul so happy!

After Sam woke up, we were off! Since Sam has really been into airplanes, we decided to check out the Carolinas Aviation Museum. This museum is right next to/at the airport. It’s all in an airplane hanger and holds about 15 airplanes and jets inside and a few more outside. It’s also the home of the Miracle on the Hudson plane! It’s a great little museum that we all enjoyed. Rob’s actually a big military plane nerd and totally nerded out, which I loved! Sam was in awe and would point saying, “a-pween!”

Back at home, Rob did yard work and me and Sam went shopping a bit. That night was our first night with no bottle!! I wanted to make it special, so me and Sam picked out a new bedtime book to read and I got him new pjs. Surprisingly, Sam did awesome! He asked for his bottle, but  I kindly told him there was no bottle and we kept reading his new book. Yay!

Sunday is chore day. We went shopping and I cleaned my butt off. We did have some fun by going down to the neighborhood pool. Later got to hang up a few frames with a bunch of family photos. I just love having photos of everyone on our walls. I held Sam up and told him who everyone was and he got shy! Later, I was making sponge cake muffins and had Sam help me. He loved it so much! I would have him tip the measuring cup into the bowl and I showed and counted as I cracked the eggs. Definitely have to do that more! And that was pretty much it.




Another month older! Here’s what Sam’s been up to:

- Sam has taken a few steps! He loves walking from us to his beanbag chair, which he belly flops into.

- He’s also been standing on his own. The look of pride and excitement is just priceless. He always says hooray and claps when he stands.

- This past week, his vocabulary has exploded! New words he’s learned: Mama (omg, finally!!!!), berries, cheese (chee), Ginny (ninni), Molly (menne), Pop (rob’s dad), helicopter (ek-ko-k-prt). air plane (a-pween), more (with hand sign) and then my fav. I love you (ah-wa-wa-wooo)

- Signs that he knows: More, milk, eat and hot. We are working on banana, helicopter and thank you.

- He loves helicopters, airplanes and cars! We watched a whole lot of Reggie Roo while he was sick, whom Sam loves.

- Sam is starting to be expressive of dislikes, something new from being sick. He’ll tilt is head away from you when he doesn’t like or want something. I originally wrote that I’m working on teaching him “no”, but that took a day and now can say no. I’m totally ok with him learning that word. It really helps with communicating with him and stops a lot of meltdowns from happening.

- I still give him a bottle before bedtime. We’ve just haven’t had a good peaceful chance to wean and drop that last bottle.

- We brush his teeth every other day, which he’s not crazy about, but recovers quickly from.

- Oh and STILL no new teeth but clearly teething. Come on now!!

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