Cabin in Asheville

At the beginning of August we took a much needed mini vacation to a sweet little cabin up in the mountains near Asheville.

Our home for the weekend

Our home for the weekend


Enjoying breakfast.

Enjoying a snack.


Sam had so much fun running around.

Sam had so much fun running around.


It rained most of the time, but we got a little sunshine, which we took advantage of with a walk.

It rained most of the time, but we got a little sunshine, which we took advantage of with a walk.


Watch out world, here comes Sam!


See that? THAT is Sam walking! Yes, he is now officially a walker at 15 and a half months and since he’s been pushing and running with his little walker since Feb., he is a pro at walking. Sorry if I’m bragging, but seriously, I started having doubts, ha ha. And he’s so stinking proud of himself too. He loves it.

My co-worker friend has a theory, kids with big heads tend to be late walkers. Her boy was 99% for head size, late walker. My other co-worker friend’s daughter, 100% for head (what???) and she was a late walker. Rob, it’s a running joke how big his head is, was also a late walker. At Sam’s last doctor’s appointment, he measured 90% for head. I think we have something here. Those poor big heads are too heavy to balance on their wee bodies.

Oh and I totally get to cross that off on the Summer Bucket List!

Rainy Day Weekend


We had a rainy and cloudy weekend this week. It was a nice change from the sunshine and allowed us to take it slow and easy.

Saturday we made a spontaneous trip to Ikea. Of course we had to have lunch there! I had my favorite, the shrimp with egg on top of a slice of bread (trust me, it’s great!) Sam had a great kids meal of grilled chicken, cheese stick and strawberries. I totally appreciate a place that offers healthier options that are more than chicken fingers and pasta. We bought a little stand to put downstairs for the modem and radio since the tv stand is (finally) going upstairs into the tv room. We also got new dishes, sippy cups and these cute toy people. Oh how we love Ikea! And while we still have a ways to go for the family room and tv room, it already looks and feels so much better. Sam and I have a little reading spot next to the stereo stand now. We have a bean bag there with a bin with some book. It’s quite cozy! So cozy in fact that I fell asleep reading there.

I also sold a bunch of Sam’s old clothes to our local kid consignment store. I used the money to buy Sam a bunch of shorts and a couple of shirts. I got him a toy helicopter too. The look on his face when I gave it to him was priceless. Seriously, when he first saw it he was in shock and had such a shy smile like he couldn’t believe that he got his own helicopter. It was so sweet to see the gratitude.


And this weekend…well, Sam has really stepped up his walking! We can’t believe it, he’s like practically there! He’s been walking back and forth short distances. Most of the time he’s so excited that he’s walking, that he’ll walk to me so I can give him a big hug and kiss. He’s totally been standing on his own too with a lot more confidence. And since we’ve really been pushing and encouraging walking and standing, he claps every time he stands on his own. It crazy how fast they change and grow sometimes. These past 3 weeks have been just an explosion of growth in vocabulary and physical skills. Me and Rob are just in awe sometimes.

And while I sure many were bummed about this dreary grey weekend, for me, it was a most lovely weekend!


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