Sam & Suzy this week

Me and Sam were sharing some banana muffins I made

Me and Sam were sharing some banana muffins I made


Pink eye. I never knew much about pink eye. I heard it’s contagious and such, blah blah blah. Sam got a a couple weeks ago, we treated it, it cleared up. I got the pink eye, treated it, it cleared up. I then AGAIN got it, treated it, gone the next day. THEN Sam got it AGAIN and we were stuck at home since I’m not going to be that parent whose kid gives the other kids pink eye. I think it’s gone once and for all now since both of us are pretty much over the colds that came with the pink eye. But I tell ya, it’s a messy cycle!

One thing I’d like to work on is boosting Sam’s immunity. We’ve been getting colds and such so often these past few months. It’s one thing to get a stuffy nose, but another to get a fever or pink eye and we’re stuck at home, not working, using up vacation days. Our doctor recommended starting Sam on multi-vitamins since he’s on solids and moving away from formula. We drink echinacea tea when he’s sick (and when I remember). And we give probiotics every now and then. I’m even thinking about ordering Honest’s Kid’s Immunity Boost  for my next bundle. It’s got some good stuff in there and the price actually pretty decent compared to similar stuff. Also, warmer weather meaning fresh air and sunshine and well, that’s always good and healthy.


Someone’s brain is cranking this week! Sam’s been talking more and more these’s days.  He tries to mimic you when you point to something and say the word. Everything pretty much starts with D. Ball = “daal” Kitty = “diddy” Edgar = “Dehda” Mommy = *silence* (really Sam??) He also says bye-bye and waves when he says it and can also blow kisses.


Being post-partum for a year now, things are pretty much the same for me right now. My body is normal. My hormones have seem to balance and even out. I still have some weight to lose, but that’s all up me now and not “oh i just had a baby”.

My little section here, it’s just boring now, hee hee. So yeah, next week it’ll just be “Sam this week” or “Our week” and if I have anything awesome to say about myself, I’ll get my own post!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Sam’s 12 month stats



I’m so excited to get to do one of these posts! I know, I can always measure him myself, instead of waiting for a doctors appointment. It’s interesting to look back and see how much he’s changed and how he’s still stayed the same. Overall,  the older her gets the more refined and easier his is.

At 12 months, Sam…

- Wears mostly 12-18 month clothes

- Wears a size 5 diaper

- Has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) and drooling for more

- Main mode of transportation is to push something around like walker or chair

- Walks along couches, wall and holding our hands

- Still prefers to army crawl, but can real crawl

- Pulls up, sits down, pushes to sitting and climbs stairs

- Words: Doggy, Daddy, kitty, ball, woof, thank you and bye-bye(with waving) (given up on mommy, heehee)

- Signs: More, milk and waves hello/good-bye (i’m working on mommy and daddy)

- All meals are solid, mostly eats what we eat. Tends to be picky about texture when teething

- Drinks about 4 small bottles with 2 being half formula and half moo milk

- Loves drinking water through sippy

- Naps: Daycare once for about 1.5 hours. Weekends or days home 2 – 3 naps, 30minutes – 1.5 hours

- Sleeps: 7pm – 6:30/7am

- Throws tantrums: being pulled away from stairs and when he’s tired at dinner and doesn’t like his food

- Best giggles: Mommy kissing his neck, Daddy tickles and chasing him

- Favorite activities: playing with cars, reading with mommy, stacking blocks and being outside


Sam & Rob this week


Sam and I did something super awesome and fun this week! We started swim lessons! They just opened up a Little Otter Swim School down the street from us and I couldn’t be more excited! I believe it’s super important for Sam to be comfortable and safe around water and also to have fun. I grew up with swimming pools and I love love love to be around water and I hope that Sam can like it too. We have a community pool in our neighborhood that I’d like to take advantage of during our summers. And! I’m so super stoked to do a Mommy and me sort of class.

Sam did rather well his first day! Because the school just opened (like the day before) it was just us and another kid and his dad. We sang songs and just let the kids get used to being in the water. Sam was in his quiet and observing mode, but towards the end of the class, he opened up a little more. He didn’t cry and that’s always a plus! And the more we go, the better it will get!

I’d also like to mention how sweet it was to try on my bathing suit! I tried it on back in August and it was way too tight. A few days ago, it just went right on. No struggling and huffing and puffing. Yay! (of course I say all this as I’m drinking a beer and already had half a cannoli today)


Sam had his one year check up! He’s did great. Although I saw his doctor type away that he still hates to crawl, despite knowing how. “But he totally pulls up on everything and walks along the couch and walls and pushes chairs and walkers!!!” hee hee.

We got the go ahead to start switching over to milk. Today we did half formula and half moo milk in 2 of his bottles. Also, we shall slowly (at Sam’s pace) to wean off bottles. Tomorrow I’m going to start incorporating his morning bottle with breakfast and maybe his lunch bottle too. I’m going to buy a couple new sippy cups, even though we totally love the LifeFactory ones, but I can’t bring glass to daycare. I’m most nervous about the bedtime bottle. It’s what we use to really signal bedtime. But like I said, that’ll all be done at Sam’s pace, a few days, a week or a month, it’s up to him.


I never mention Rob! So let’s skip me this week and talk about Rob!!

Rob is amazing! He helps out so much and just always works so hard! He cooks dinner most nights because he knows how important it is for me to spend time with Sam.

Rob is actually training for, get this, a 50 mile race in June. 50 MILES!!! I can’t believe it. That requires a lot of training and a lot of long mile training too, ‘specially on the weekends. I try to go easy on him on the weekends, but he still wants to go out and do stuff! Truly an inspiration to me.

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