Happy Halloween!


We had a great Halloween! Sam was a bear! I was so excited to sew Sam’s costume this year, it’s always been a dream of mine to make my kid’s costume. I made his costume using Simplicity pattern 1351. Rob even dressed up as a dinosaur. I wore my cat ear and Hello shirt.


He caught on pretty quick to trick-or-treating. Or more like, I get to go to people’s houses and grab things in a bowl and put it in my pumpkin. He’d even say trick-or-treat, so cute!

sambear-dinorobWe finished off the night with a scary movie, Sam’s candy, some drinks and a most awesome and appropriate thunderstorm.


18 months


This photo…I just can’t deal! That’s a little boy!!

Yesterday we went to a friend’s party and there were about 3 other little kids there who just turned one and it’s crazy to see Sam be the older kid in the group (the only boy too! ha ha)

- He’s really beginning to enjoy playing with toys. He loves cars, airplanes and helicopters. He loves to play with Little People (both new and vintage) and is starting to use his imagination when playing making them jump and drive the cars.

- Sam loves to talk and learns so many new words that I just can’t keep up! He’s also putting together sentences, “Banana more” “Bye-bye Daddy. Bye-Bye Ginny”

- He still does some signing. I haven’t been teaching him new words, but he always uses “more” and “tooth brush” and “banana”.

- He’s starting to associate objects in a book with things around him. He’ll point as a bear in a book and then points to his stuffed bear.

- He’ll sing, but he’s still shy about it. Our favorite songs are “Row Your Boat”, “ABC” and “Twinkle Twinkle”

- Sam still eats like a champ! Sometimes he’ll eat more than me! We’ve been doing WeeliciousMenus and he’s been loving all the meals. His favorite foods are fish, cheese, muffins and always always bananas.

- He  has 12 teeth and always working on more. Droooooolllll!! We also brush twice a day, which goes as smoothly as one can ask from an 18 month old.

- We moved up to the older kids swim class. He’s the youngest, but has more fun doing bigger kid stuff. He’s a rock star at back floating!

- And he asked for hugs, which just makes my heart melt. “Ugh? Ugh?” (it took me a bit to figure out he was saying hugs!)

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