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Do I have to wear pants??

Do I have to wear pants??

Doing: We are getting settled into our temporary home. On some fronts it’s been easy and fun, but Sam has been having difficulty sleeping through the night, wakes up super early and naps horrible on the weekend. Hey, it’s understandable, his little world is crazy right now and the only house and bedroom he’s ever known is gone (aww, sounds so sad!!) But it’s all starting to smooth out and we’ve been starting to do normal things again like visit friends, go shopping and get excited for Christmas.

Thinking about: Taking better care of my body. With the change of seasons, the move, the holidays…well, my body has been kind of a wreck. We also all got hit with a cold this week. This week I’m focusing on eating better, eating warmer (hello, it’s cold outside), ditching the alcohol, taking it easy, but also move with some yoga. I’m slowing down and trying to be more mindful.

Watching: We’ve been slacking on our shows. We really haven’t been into watching tv since we had Sam and only watch a handful of stuff. When we can, we watch Agents of Shield and I watch A to Z.

Looking forward to: Normalcy. Packing, staging, moving and selling our house has been stressful. Honestly, right now I have no interest in looking for a new home. I’m so grateful we can stay here for a while since I just want things to settle and breath for a while before we shake it up again.

Reading: I’m reading the The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas, by Ann Voskamp. I really wanted to connect to the true meaning of Christmas this Advent season and I discovered this wonderful and beautiful book. Funny story, I went to the bookstore with Sam to get this book. We played with the toys a bit and looked at the children’s books and I told Sam that we needed to go look for my book now and as I turned around, there it was sitting on the corner of the display table, last one!

Loving: Our Christmas tree! We have a huge living room to put a tree so Rob wanted to get a big tree and boy did he ever. He even had to get on a chair for the star! But I’m loving it so much! It brings me joy for the season. I’m also loving Christmas music. I’ll start singing Sleigh Bells and be instantly in a good mood. Sam loves when I sing Rudolph, which I sing at least 4 times at bedtime.


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